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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

  1. How long does it take to get an auto insurance quote?
  2. Does my car insurance cover a rented vehicle?
  3. Water Sewer Backup
  4. When my car get’s older and decreases in value, why does my auto insurance premium not go down
How long does it take to get an auto insurance quote?
I receive calls looking for car insurance quotes on a regular basis.The first thing they ask, how long will it take to get a insurance quote. In general the answer is about 5 minutes our office number is 509-590-1529. I also let the these folks know they can get home and auto insurance quotes directly from our website. Although not all insurance companies have the capability to provide insurance rates online. The most competitive will be emailed. 

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Does my car insurance cover a rented vehicle?
All insurance carriers cover rental cars differently. In general, coverage extends from your current policy to the vehicle being rented.  There are a few things to consider. 1) If the policy does not have comprehensive or collision coverage the rented vehicle will not have physical damage coverage. 2) Your deductible will apply. 3) Roadside assistance does not carry over from your policy to the rented vehicle. 4) If the rented vehicle is out of commission due to an accident the rental car company most likely will charge the person that rented the vehicle for loss of rental income. For example, if the vehicle was in an accident and the repair took 5 days, you would be responsible for the income the company could have generated had the vehicle been available for rent

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Water Sewer Backup

Water back up and sump pump failure coverage is an endorsement to the homeowners insurance policy that provides coverage to property damaged by water that backs up into the home through pipes, drains, sewer, water-service, sump pump and any other type of fluid transfer system from the house.

Water backup is very common in areas where the public water systems are old such as Spokane Metro areas.

It is important to understand the water back up and sump pump failure coverage is an endorsement to the homeowners insurance policy.  This coverage Does Not come standard.  You have to add the coverage and in most cases pay an additional premium otherwise you do not have coverage for this type of loss

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When my car get’s older and decreases in value, why does my auto insurance premium not go down

There are many factors involved in the cost of home or auto insurance premium.  For example, I own a 1994 Ford F350 Crew cab pickup. The vehicle is only worth a few thousand dollars.  Yet the premium has not really gone down over time.  Makes a person wonder why .  I have listed a few factors the effect auto insurance premium.

Size of the vehicle – larger, heavier vehicles typically cause more damage.  Which in return increases the liability insurance rates.

Cost of repairs – rates at repairs shops have increased, although the parts might be plentiful for older vehicles and cheaper that does not correlate to lower repair cost or auto insurance rates.

Safety features -  new vehicles have more safety features, thus auto insurance rates can be lower for new vehicles which is the opposite of a person’s thought.

The most expense cars to insure are those on the most stolen vehicles list  as well as vehicles with limit parts access. For instance. Kai a great car,  but  limited parts availability so the comprehensive and collision rates are higher than a For Focus.

These are few examples of why  rates are not dropping. In general the cost to repair vehicles are on the rise and so are auto insurance premiums.

Want to learn more about physical damage coverage or compare home or auto insurance rates. Please give us a call at 509-590-1590, you can also text us at 509       , get an online auto insurance quote estimate click our chant button..

Here’s the NICB’s hot list of the cars from the 2016 model year having the highest theft rates last year:

1.    Toyota Camry

 2.    Nissan Altima

3.    Toyota Corolla

4.    Dodge Charger

5.    Ford Fusion

6.    Hyundai Sonata

7.    GMC Sierra Pickup

8.    Hyundai Elantra

9.    Ford F-Series Pickup

10.  Ford Transit Van

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